Administrators of Deceased Estates

Administrators of Deceased estates

Administrators of Deceased Estates

Administrators of Deceased Estates

Nothing can prepare you for the emotional trauma of losing someone close, even if the death has been expected.  Once funeral arrangements have been made, the process of estate administration and distribution of inheritances to beneficiaries has to be taken care of.  Very few people know where to start and how to proceed.  It becomes even more complicated in the absence of a valid will and testament.

Probates has become a trusted name in the Benoni and greater East Rand community in the areas of deceased estate administration and wills and testaments.  We believe in upholding the highest levels of honesty, values and transparency. We believe it is our duty to act ethically, understandably, with no hidden agendas, promoting a culture of participation, cooperation and accountability.

We will assist you not only with efficiency and specialist knowledge in the administration of your loved one's estate, but also with empathy.




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If you don’t have a Will in place when you pass away, you die "intestate". In layman's terms this means that the courts take over and create a ‘Will’ on your behalf, according to the laws of the country, and divide the assets accordingly.

Funds needed for your loved one’s day-to-day expenses can be frozen for months by the court and apart from the time-consuming inconvenience suffered by your loved ones as a result, dying "intestate" could also result in costing the Estate thousands in unnecessary expenses.

The experienced Probates team has the necessary expertise to assist you with a valid will for complete peace of mind.

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The death of your loved one is painful and traumatic - often unexpected. The winding-up and administration of their deceased estate does not have to be a stressful and drawn out process.

Probates has the experience, know-how, processes and capacity to wrap up the estate fast and effectively.  We speed up the process, save you time and trouble and money - We can even come to you for your convenience. 

Our team of experienced professionals will help you in every way possible to manage the stress and burden of winding up the deceased estate on behalf of all beneficiaries.

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